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Episode 1: Be Open to New Techniques!

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Welcome fall, my favorite season and welcome to Pod Garden Ponderings, where I share my experiences & thoughts on creating and collaborating, along with techniques for recording, editing, and mixing that I gained while working on podcasts, music, and film.

I’m not gonna poo poo it until I do do it. My rule is, if a new technique helps me make it sound better or do my job more efficiently, then I’ll use it. Since I was a teenager in rock bands, I’ve always been interested in the emotional side of sonic creation more than technology. When I was learning to mix professionally, I worked with some unique music producers and would often see techniques that felt awkward or intimidating at first. I was always open to trying them and this allowed me to improve at my craft and develop my own style. While learning technology isn’t fun for me, I know that I can get more creative if I spend less time & energy on tedious tasks.

Templates, volume-riders, ambience match, shortcuts to reduce mic hits? Yes, please! Watch for these topics in future issues.

New work alerts:

I work on mixing, editing and music selections for Radical Imagination. Check out the latest episodes:

I’m the Sound Supervisor for Army Matters podcast, working on recording, editing, mixing and music selections along with collaborating closely with the writer and producers on the stories.

Latest episodes:

How to Split a Playing Card in Half with an Air Rifle Is the first episode where I pitched the guest and contributed interview questions, in addition to my sound work. This one features SGT Alison Weisz, who won the World Championship in the Women’s 10m Air Rifle Competition in 2022.

No Tall Tales From This Tall Medal of Honor RecipientI used sound design to recreate an exciting battle scene for this episode featuring Medal of Honor recipient LTG Robert Foley.

Today’s Tech Tip: Pro Tools Track Presets

This is a great time-saver for consistent sound when we often work on episodes of the same show or with the same voice talent.

Once you get your signal chain set perfectly, right-click on the track name and choose “Save Track Preset” and then name the preset.

Next time you open any session, the track presets are available when you right-click on the track name and choose “Recall Track Preset.”

Happy mixing!

Next Edition: Travel rig, Hang Loose, Shift +S in Izotope and more.

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