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ABout My Work


     I’m a mixer, sound designer, and dialogue editor working on music, podcasts, and film.
Mixing is my craft that unites my love for storytelling and audio.
My life pursuit is to work with thoughtful collaborators to create media projects with clear, meaningful messages.
     As a teenager I would sit in bed at night listening to rock bands on the “King Biscuit Flour Hour” radio show and playing air guitar. I would turn my Walkman headphones up so loud it would wake up my parents. Music helped me stay positive through challenging times and I dreamed of making art that would move others. 
     Since my teenage years I have earned the MFA in Cinema Directing from DePaul, the BS in Liberal Arts, and the AAS in recording. For 20 years, I wrote songs and performed on stage in rock bands while working as a sound engineer, producer, and as a teacher of sound recording. This led to projects developing sound for film, which revealed a love for how sound and visuals work together.   
     Now I’m moved by podcasts and music. My experience includes 15 years of sound design, story editing, music production, and narration recording for advertisements, film, and podcasts using Pro Tools and Izotope RX. My career has been built on a foundation of superior sound quality, meeting deadlines, and having patience to troubleshoot, while bringing positivity to teams and valuing individual contributions.
     I love working on projects that combine natural elements with effected, stylized aesthetics to tell cool stories. My varied experience as a sound mixer, filmmaker, and musician has given me a broad range of technical and creative tools to connect sound with storytelling and visuals.

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